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Dare to explore Africa. Let one of our experienced local explorers plan your next adventure, from a classic or luxury safari to an adventurous, awe inspiring experience at Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe and Botswana are our two favourite African destinations, offering the very best of wild and untamed Africa, with an abundance of wildlife and activities, from the very affordable to absolute luxury.  


The land of wildlife and wonders. An amazingly diverse country of sublime beauty and a perennial international and local favourite. It’s wonderfully welcoming, perhaps they have the friendliest people on earth, with glorious weather and some of the most prolific wildlife on the planet. The Victoria Falls, as nature’s masterpiece, is the jewel along with remarkable Safaris in an authentic unspoilt Africa.


Zambia is the wild heart of Africa and the majestic natural world. At the town of Livingstone it shares Wonder of the World Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe where adventure activities and wildlife abound. The Lower Zambezi River and South Luangwa areas offer sublime wildlife experiences which are the preserve of very few.

Rhino Safari Camp Shoreline Elephant.JPG


For lovers of wild and authentic Africa, Botswana is the perfect choice. A huge country with vast expanses of pristine bush and astounding wildlife. The national parks and private reserves cover almost 40% of the country’s land area and the movement of wildlife is unrestricted. Unquestionably one of Africa’s supreme safari destinations.


South Africa

South Africa makes a unique tourist destination. Home to one of the most diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, Cape Town, a world-renowned city and one of the most sublime and favourite destinations in the world with fine food, wineries, breath-taking scenery, beaches and various fascinating cultures. Any visitor will be amazed by what the country has to offer

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